Comac C919 Flight Testing Going On

comac c919 roll out

Comac C919 Flight Testing

Comac C919 Flight Testing is nearly coming. The local aircraft maker of China, Comac (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) has reveal the date for flight testing. It will happen on 5 or 6 May 2017..The C919 to break two dominations, Boeing and Airbus in a single-aisle narrow body aircraft. Boeing 737 series and Airbus A320 family have been market leader for decades.

Comac C919 to have CFM Leap Engine and able to carry about 168 passengers. While if in two classes, the aircraft still able carrying 152 passengers. It has also 20 tonnes payload and nearly 4,100 km of flight range. The aircraft will enter first service in 2020.

comac c919 is being towed

Comac C919 is being towed on taxiway

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