Etihad Airbus A380-800 While Rolling Maneuver

Etihad Airbus A380-800

Etihad Airbus A380-800 While Rolling Maneuver
Giant aircraft Airbus A380-800 of Etihad Airways while on rolling maneuver in the sky. This incredible photo taken by Masclet of Airbus at the right timing. Rolling maneuver is maneuver that applied on fuselage-axis of the aircraft, some people said that is turning. Rolling can be done if yawing maneuver is also work on gravity-axis, in the other hand rolling and yawing are work together to turn aircraft left or right. Learn more about aircraft control surface and maneuvering.

Etihad is a national-owned carrier of United Arab Emirates, this airline is the second largest after Emirates. They have received two of total 10 order of Airbus A380-800 series. At the same time of receiving ceremony of A380, Etihad changes its livery to yellowish-gold-mozaic-styles.
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